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Pacienzia ci voli a li burrasche...

The expert: "this was the rainiest spring in at least two centuries in northern Italy; May, the coldest since 1991 ... " we both agree on that. I had never seen Mount Ramaceto whiten with snow in late May, the snow that lasted at least a couple of days. A splendid spectacle to behold, but the campaign?

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The field of berries

Wow ... what a great idea ... a whole field for berries! Yes, that's right ... the idea came this summer when in July along with three French wwoofers we started to clean up a new pitch of about 500 square meters in the wood.

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Sowing Quarantina potatoes

We counted about 370 potato seeds planted in 9 fields..

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Sowing of beans

Today we have prepared two new beds (or benches) one mulched with cardboard and another with hay seeds-free (grass clippings last week and dried in the sun). Both were seeded with organic beans.

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Planting new fruit trees

This past weekend between a rain and another we finally found the time to plant 9 out of 11 trees (4 drill collars and 5 in vase) bought now more than a month ago at a nursery in Stella (SV).

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