Nun t'adesciĆ  is located in Italy, in the Liguria region (at northwest, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea), province of Genoa, in the small town of San Colombano Certenoli (the name comes from St. Columban and Certenoli). The farm is very decentralized compared to the municipality, so you should not refer to San Colombano Certenoli to reach it. It is at 500mt above sea level, in the middle of a property of 18ha, predominantly woodland.

Contact details
Nun t'adesciĆ 
Via dei Monti 53 - 16040 San Colombano Certenoli (GE) - Italy
Tel. +39 3474660781 - e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Web: https://www.nuntadescia.it/

By car
To achieve ā€œNun t'adesciĆ ā€, leave the motorway A12 (Genova-Livorno), exit Lavagna. Having left the motorway, turn right into the SP33 provincial road (Via Moggia) towards Carasco and Parma (North). After about 1.9 miles, stay left and follow the road SP225 for other 2.1 km, when you arrive in Carasco turn right in Via Montanaro Dismas, on the main road.

After 300 meters past the traffic light you are in a roundabout, take the right exit for the SP 586 in direction "Passo del Bocco." After 3.2 km turn slightly to the left (be careful, the junction is not visible and you must cross the roadway) towards "Val Cichero" (SP42). After 400 meters, just past a narrow bridge, turn left and continue for another 3.8 km. Past the group of houses where there is a bar / shop / restaurant and post office, after 100m take a left in Via Pregi. After 200 meters, turn left again.

Continue for other 700 meters then turn right by a curve that takes you on Via dei Monti. From here, still 1.8 kilometers of a very narrow road with many curves, and then on the right you see a red mailbox American style. There begins a dirt road that after about 200 meters brings you to your destination.

By public transport
Achieve Nun t'adesciĆ  by public transport is not easy, although it is possible except for the last stretch of about 2 km. The nearest airport is Cristoforo Colombo in Genoa, but also the airport Galileo Galilei in Pisa is quite comfortable. The nearest railway station is Chiavari of Trenitalia, while the nearest bus line is ATP ((number 14 from Chiavari FS to Villagrande Cichero, stop Celesia / Mezzavalle). From Chiavari station you can also take a taxi. We always recommend you to call us so that we can pick you from the railways station or bus stop.

In the map below you can see the northern Italy. The orange balloon is the exact point where is located Nun t'adescia. To zoom the map click on the symbol. You can also choose to see the map or the satellitar view. You can center the map, having clicked the mouse on the map and moving it in the desired direction.