About us

Hello, we are Guido and Brunella and we share “Nun t'adescià” with our red kittens (Paddy and Murphy) and our dog (Arthur) a beautiful and exuberant black Labrador. We have been married since 2004, even though we was friends since we were kids, and even then we dreamed to live in a farmhouse where to farm the land, grow our animals and our "souls". We introduce ourselves:


Brunella. I was born in Genoa on August 29, 1957.

I graduated in Medicine and specializes in Medical Psychology. I am also a psychotherapist and specialist in sexology.

I speak Italian, a bit of French and now I am following a course of English. I enjoy reading, love my family, my friends, my home and my animals. My work as physician often kept me away from “Nun t’adescià” and the things I love most, so I decided with my husband Guido to leave momentarily my profession to devote to our project and in the hope to soon put to the service of “Nun t’adescià” also my studies and my experience as a doctor. I enjoy cooking, especially for others, and I always want to share with them new tastes and new foods, as well as I would always share with other people the happiest moments of my life.

I also enjoy sewing, embroidering and set up small objects, but I did not pull back when there is to do an hard work. I also like photography and the images you find on this site are mostly my doing.


Guido. I was born in Genoa on October 30, 1957.

I graduated at the high school in Industrial Electronics, but since I started working, I work on computer science and programming. I'm also the webmaster of this site.

I speak Italian and a bit of English. I was always engaged in the world of volunteering since I was a boy. Since my son has had diabetes, I founded a portal of this disease that was the most popular in Italy, although in 2012 I had to close it. My son was born from my first marriage, from which I am now divorced. I love nature and I love working outdoors. I love the bike and the gym, but in this time my commitments have kept me away from these my two passions.

When Brunella allow me to do it, I also cook, although I prefer to eat ... If there is a heavy job ... just call me, I don't know how, but even though I always say "I rest now," I will rarely stop to sunbathe (even if Brunella has succeeded to immortalise me in a photograph that you can see in our photos).