Nun t'adesciĆ  and WWOOF

Wwoofers at workThe purpose of Wwoof is to create awareness and interest in an organic and biodynamic lifestyle. In addition Wwoof offers the opportunity to travel all over the world economically and at the same time to give aid where it is required and where it is necessary. The association Wwoof started in the UK about 35 years ago. The idea came from Sue Coppard (at that time she lived in London), who wanted to organize during a weekend stay in a biological farms in exchange for his work. Gradually more and more people were involved due to the possibility of having a break in the countryside, at the same time an increasing number of farms have offered lodging and food in exchange for help and enthusiasm. Since then Wwoof has grown very much and now exists in many other countries around the world.
Nun t'adesciĆ  adheres as a host to Wwoof since 2009 and undertakes to hold free people who love nature and this kind of life, in exchange for a help in the works. Thanks to the Wwoof, people accommodated are covered by insurance during their stay, but precisely for this reason you must be members of Wwoof Italia and then become Wwoofers.
At present, given our inability to move permanently to the house, we can offer hospitality only on weekends and in the few moments when we can take periods of vacation from our jobs.

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