What is a host?
for WWOOF, is who will host you on his farm. “Nun t'adescià” joined Wwoof Italy as ‘host’, and you, as WWOOFers , are registered as ‘travelers’.

QHow old must you be to be a WWOOFer?
The minimum age for joining WWOOF Italia is 18. You can also join WWOOF Italia if you are less than 18 years old, but you have to do WWOOFing with someone who has more than 18 years and is responsible for your actions, or have the written permission of your parents, who take responsibility for your actions, in direct agreement to the host that you visit.
As a member of WWOOF Italy you are also entitled to the WWOOF Independents list (Hosts in countries that do not have a national organisation).

CWhat's expected from a WWOOFer?
Ludvine al lavoro in giardinoThe most important quality of a WWOOFer is to be able to fit and adapt to all the different activities taking place at each farm. The hosts expect a general interest in what they do, and how they live, that you'll participate willingly in support of their project, also giving a hand with their homework (do the dishes or cook or rearrange the rooms) to avoid creating more work for your host. All hosts are very busy and many are living with few resources. It is important to accept and respect this fact.
WWOOFing is NOT a cheap holiday. It 'a voluntary organization to promote the culture and practice of natural farming, to support producers in their efforts. If you are looking only an easy way to travel and see Italy, WWOOF is not for you.
Always respect the dates you agree with your host, and if for some reason you need to change, warn him in time so that it can organize itself differently, probably he has refused help from others waiting for your arrival. Be responsible and polite and seriously consider your commitment. If problems arise during your stay, your hosts could ask you to leave, as could be that you don't want to stay more: a good initial communication should avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.

What can I expect from a host as “Nun t'adescià”?
Brunella e GuidoHe should offer you to sleep and eat, but the organization can vary depending on the farm that you visit. Most farms have a room for WWOOFers, but some will ask you to settle in tents, others may ask you to bring one. It 's useful to bring a sleeping bag. If you have any special dietary requirements (eg. Vegetarian) or allergies (eg. Animals) you should notify and agree before you go there. Your host should stay with you as often as possible by teaching you something about the production, the natural life of the farmer and the techniques he adopted. It's very likely that you will find yourself doing some things sometimes a bit boring, but agriculture is also Zen practice! When you contact the host, always try to understand what kind of activities are planned for the period of interest to you. If for some reason the relationship does not work, talk to your host and if you can not reach a solution, you are not obligated to stay.

Can I bring my children with me?
Brunella ed HectorWe love children, but we ALWAYS ask you to check first if in the period in which you want to come it is possible to accommodate them. Could be dangerous works in progress, or circumstances of danger: in any case, the parents are fully responsible for the safety of their children and "Nun t'adescià" assumes no responsibility for their safety and health. If you have young children that need a lot of your attention, clarify it before: you can not expect to be charged to the hosts, without you advise them in advance. If you come with children, bring with you everything necessary for their care.

Can I bring my pets?
Artù e SamanthaWe love animals and we have a dog and two cats. Unfortunately, animals can not get along with each other, even if they are docile and loving with their owners. Sometimes a visitor may also be afraid. In these cases, much to our chagrin, the freedom of your animals should be limited and, where possible, should be kept closed and kept on a lead. If they would create an incompatibility that can not be solved with standard measures of containment, will be asked to Wwoofer to waive the presence of the pet or to waive himself to stay at our farm.

What is included in the insurance?
The cost of insurance is included in membership fee of Wwoof Italia. It is a basic coverage and it is valid for one year from the date of your registration: it covers the risks of the activity of WWOOFing in the Italian WWOOF farms. Covers minor accidents and civil liability with favorable ceilings than the cost of insurance. Members residing in Italy are also covered for the activities of WWOOFing abroad. You can know all the details on insurance by visiting www.wwoof.it.

How many hours a day should I work?
Eddy ed AlexThe hours depend on the project which will take part, the needs of the moment and the climatic conditions of the season: the relationship that is created must be free and of mutual satisfaction. You are not employed and will not be asked to you to do too much (but there are those who are bored with nothing to do ..). Normally we ask to work from 4 to 6 hours a day, but at certain moments, like during the olive harvest, when all is brought to the mill in the shortest possible time and all is brought in the home before dark, it will be useful to do a few more hours, but in these cases will be offset with more free time.
Good communication when you contact us at the beginning of the stay should avoid misunderstandings. Also because the relationship does not end in the hospitality-collaboration exchange: it is not an alternative form of payment performance. The mutual curiosity and the desire to collaborate and share the time and the projects are the winning recipe.