SOS Chip

"Chip", which makes a strain in splinters, is our shredder.

It has proved very useful for recycling of organic material resulting from the work of pruning and cleaning, which (thanks to him) may be comminuted (chipped) and crush so that you can use them to make compost, BRF or mulching the gardens. If it there were not, we would have to burn all these good things, as he does most of the farmers in the area.

Unfortunately, in September Chip decided to get a rest after the exhausting work that we have put in over the years. Especially since, despite he having tried to make us understand it all the ways, we postponed for a long time sharpening the blades hoping he could pass all summer ... instead, as I happily was chopping pruned branches of olive trees ... "tatatrack" and then "peace", the silence ... the engine is off ... "Do not worry, Guido, is the usual stubborn branch which, instead of being shred, it is skewed ... now you all off, it's late, and then you'll look at it."

Then, when a day after I took Chip out of his bed in the cellar, and I opened it to remove the log jam in Chip's stomach, surprise ... the steel disc that supports the blades for shredding was opened as a muffin torn for a quarter ... but not all ... overcome by desperation I decided to bring Chip to the "doctor" and the diagnosis was even worse: "But what did you give him to eat? A piece of iron? Here is bent the tree" ... surprised that in the stomach of poor Chip there were a tree, what is more bent through my fault, I started to clutch at straws to exculpate myself of my obvious faults, but in the end I had to give ... can not leave Chip in those conditions, I did make the estimate ... 450 euro ... blood of my blood ... and with great pain I agreed to undergo transfusion ... from my bank in the pockets of the surgeon-mechanical ...

Now Chip is back to grind branches with new vigor, and we rejoice with his singing (to tell the truth when he sings I have to put on my ear muffs because it is a large splitting) churning out from his posterior tons of organic matter ... and I resigned myself to promise that every year, I'll take it to the dentist for teeth grinding in order to avoid further bloodletting ...

P.S.: think that they took the bent tree and planted him a new one, just straight! But when I asked what a tree was doing in the stomach of my poor Chip, I do not know why, but I have not been answered, just a weird and questioning look ... I don't understand!