A cascade of ice

In early February, we were surprised by a sudden period of great cold. The temperature has fallen below zero for a few days touching negative spikes never reached in many years.

At that time, a little because the fear of being in trouble on the way, a little because we were tied, as always, by the busy schedule, we were not able to go and check as it was the situation of the house of "Nun t'adesciĆ ", uninhabited from a couple of weeks.

When we arrived, it was shown to us a spectacle unimaginable. The facade of the east side was completely covered by a cascade of sticks of ice. At home, the hall was flooded by water and the interior walls were covered with a thin layer of ice, while the ceilings was dripping water copiously on the furniture, the stereo, the television, and the magazines ... Not to mention the cellar, which is also dripping water from the ceiling.

A thin tube, placed by the former owners in the attic, had exploded and had blessed the house with aĀ  unimaginable quantity of water and ice.

The damages are mainly to furniture, magazines and walls which struggling to dry and slowly but surely become moldy and swell more and more, given the season anything but dry. The plaster on the external facade, which was covered by ice, is literally "exploded" shamelessly uncovering the stones that emerge from the thin layer of remained plaster. Even the crack that separates the stone made old house from the bricks made new house, was further and ruthlessly enlarged of few millimeters, giving us sinister omens every time we look up to the ceiling.

But we do not get discouraged ... the pipe has been repaired, we now expect that the walls dry out and then we will have a hobby more for the weekend. The beauty is that in Nun t'adesciĆ  you do not run just the danger of getting bored...