Bee... armed ourselves and start

Part of it, click on and sustain us through booking some shares.


‚ÄúIf the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination‚Ķno more men‚ÄĚ claimed Albert Einstein ... In fact, bees are critical to the environment and life on earth, without them many plant species would no longer be able to reproduce and soon they become extinct.

Defend these beautiful and fascinating creatures, now at risk of extinction due to pollution, pesticides and certain diseases and parasites, assumed the character of priority.

So we decided to make our small contribution to protect the bees, taking advantage of the fact that Nun t'adescià is located in an area away from any form of pollution and contamination, in a natural environment rich in a wide variety of flowers and plants could represent an ideal resource for bees to live healthy and to multiply.

Who participates in subscribing to one or more shares of 10 ‚ā¨:

  1. will may receive 1 kg of locally produced honey (multi-flower or monofloral honey, depending to availability) or, in the absence of honey for all, or for your preference, 5 kg of seasonal vegetables and fruits produced by us (offers for residents in the province of Genoa) per share paid;
  2. alternatively, will be our guest for free for two days and two nights, including vegetarian meals at our table, between May and October 2013 (only with the purchase of at least 3 shares per housed person). The period will be agreed depending with the availability of the rooms;
  3. will be subscribed to a mailing-list to keep updated on the life of the apiary;
  4. will see his name and city of residence mentioned on our site and accompanied by due thanks;
  5. for the first eight whom will ask it, will give their name to a hive.

Part of it, click on and sustain us through booking some shares.


Happyness (Trilussa)

There is a bee
who rests on a rosebud:
drinks from it, and flies away…
All in all, happiness is a small thing.